22nd Annual conference of Southeast Asian Linguistics Society


≈ Practical information ≈



≈ Conference location ≈

Centre d'Hébergement Agay-*Les Roches Rouges
Avenue des Roches Rouges-Chemin du Petit Paradis
83530 AGAY
Tel - Fax 04 94 82 12 29

(*BE CAREFUL: Do not mix up with the Hôtel des Roches Rouges located in Saint-Raphaël)

The conference rooms are in the same building as the bedrooms and apartments of the Agay-Les Roches Rouges Conference Centre.


≈ Accommodation ≈

Besides hosting conferences, Agay-Les Roches Rouges Conference Center also provides accommodation and catering, with a capacity of 200 guests.
The standard procedure, as required by Agay-Les Roches Rouges Conference Center, is for each guest to pay a daily full-board rate, which includes a room + three meals.

  • Most bedrooms at Agay-Les Roches Rouges Conference Center consist of 2 individual beds.
  • Participants who want to occupy a bedroom on their own will pay a full-board rate of €76,35 per day.
  • Participants willing to share a room will pay a lower rate of €68 per day per person for a twin-bedded room.(Please specify your roommate among the other participants.)
  • Non-participant guests pay the same price as participants for the same type of room.
  • Payment in full is preferred, but we require a minimum deposit of 30% to be paid to reserve the room.

    Two ways to pay :

  • The registration and the accommodation fee should be paid together.


≈ Access ≈


≈ Local transportation ≈

You can get to Saint-Raphaël, the nearest town :

Itinerary to get to Agay-Les Roches Rouges Conference Center


≈ Miscellaneous ≈


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